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Dark Angel Icons
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21st-Jan-2011 07:05 pm(no subject)
spn: sam: always the freak
Banners (inc. Dark Angel) [x 29]
Dark Angel Icons of Alec and Ben (w/e Max occasionally) [x 43]
Supernatural Icons (various seasons) [x 48]

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HERE @ my journal
1st-Aug-2010 01:11 am - Icons
Alec -- Horror
40 Supernatural
05 Jensen Ackles
18 Misha Collins
07 Misha/Jensen
31 Misha Collins in other roles (Stonehenge Apocalypse, Finding Home, Etc.)
34 Stargate SG-1
13 Star Wars
07 Calvin & Hobbes
21 Fandom/Stock Grab Bag (Psych,
Dark Angel, Babylon 5, Being Human, In Plain Sight, Bones, Queer As Folk, Text, Stock)
12 Iconfest Remnants (Rupert Evans, Kate Blanchett/Kevin Spacey, Shoes, Sanctuary/Amelia Earhardt)

188 icons

Only three Dark Angel icons, all of them here:

188 multi-fandom icons here, but no more Dark Angel
9th-Jul-2010 09:09 pm - TeeVee Land!
nora gainsbrough #1
I'd like to invite you to a interactive gaming community. You get placed on a team. Then you do challenges based on different stuff (games, graphics, media, writing, etc) to earn pts for your team and the team with the most pts at the end of the round wins!

These community is based on the shows Charmed, Dark Angel, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, Roswell and Veronica Mars. Our teams are Team Kickass, Powerhouse and Sass! :)

Join us! teeveeland!
other pictures - text
Icons: Torchwood 36 (36) Dark Angel (24)
Usage: all shareable, please comment before taking
Credits: not necessary, but if you want to credit: otherpictures

Icon Post
31st-May-2010 09:35 pm(no subject)
adam/tommy   o7
gareth david-lloyd, gale harold, bones, christian bale, heath ledger, fight club, dark angel, greek, queer as folk, majandra delfino, harry potter, roswell

here @ oldmemoria
28th-Mar-2010 10:09 pm - 20 icons
DW: Jenny
20 Dark Angel icons

HERE at signalement
27th-Mar-2010 02:53 pm - 6 icons
30 icons (Dark Angel, Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, Ten Inch Hero)


beauty sleep@mummy_daydream
21st-Mar-2010 12:55 pm - dark angel icons
[74] Dark Angel (TV Show)


Blanks are not bases.
Please comment/credit if you use/take.
No hot linking.

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10th-Feb-2010 07:39 pm - is my valentine
american idol.aquaman.dark angel.dawson's creek.dead like me.glee.lost


- none are bases (unless stated)
- i'd love suggestions on icon themes
- comments are love, nominations too
- no hotlinking, please credit
- resources | bases | icons | textures

here @ shalowater
5th-Feb-2010 06:24 pm - 24 of 99
Dark Angel [18]
Jensen Ackles [6]

here @ noxious_love 
1st-Feb-2010 05:34 pm(no subject)
elena sacrifice
[001-006] the vampire diaries
[007-033] lost
[034-040] buffy the vampire slayer

[041-047] dark angel
[048-055] keira knightley
[056-058] new moon
[059] sleepy hollow
[060-075] forrest gump


see the rest @my journal
31st-Jan-2010 09:45 pm(no subject)
gen :: staire
Because of all those 20in20's springing up all over the place, I thought it only fitting to make one for Dark Angel.

Please join the comm, spread the love and wait for the 20th for sign ups of the first round!


(if this is not allowed, please feel free to delete)
27th-Jan-2010 09:06 pm - 70 various Icons
01-08: Candice Swanepoel
09-20: Victoria Secret Show 2009
21-30: Syfy's Alice
31-39: Misc Challenge Entries (Cobie Smulders, Merlin, Kristen Bell, Jessica Alba)
40-56: Primeval
57-70: Dark Angel


HERE @ melody_icons
9th-Jan-2010 09:10 pm - 60 Dark Angel icons
Loki up close

60 Dark Angel (season 1 episode 1-5 focus on Logan, some max/logan)


icons this way
6th-Jan-2010 09:39 pm(no subject)
8 animated Alec icons

HERE at paper_palace
5th-Jan-2010 02:52 am - dark angel and sgu icons
Multifandom icon post.

Dark Angel season 2 and promo images, some Max/Alec, mostly gen.

Total Icon Count: 72

TEASER! Icon 009 TEASER! Icon 035 TEASER! Icon 045

icons here at my lj
23rd-Dec-2009 05:24 pm - 100 various Icons
01-10: Dark Angel (animated only)
11-37: Make-Up
38-57: Buffy
58-79: Emilie de Ravin
80-87: Leighton Meester
88-100: Angelina Jolie


here @ melody_icons
20th-Dec-2009 08:14 pm - 131 icons: borrowed time
stock: white
Dark Angel
131 Icons from Borrowed Time


Here @ metalmarks.
16th-Dec-2009 04:42 pm - Dark Angel/Logan Cale mood theme
Made a Dark Angel/Logan Cale (played by actor Michael Weatherly, also from NCIS) mood theme which I wanted to share.

| |

See more samples & download here @ whimsicons 

(X-posted to vigilantelove | darkangelfans__)

21st-Nov-2009 10:24 am - Icons: 40 Dark Angel (Logan Cale)
SPN Unicorn: Poot
01-10: Episode 1.06, Prodigy
11-16: Episode 1.07, Cold Comfort
17-40: Episode 1.08, Blah Blah Woof Woof

More @ iwantpie
3rd-Nov-2009 03:18 pm - icons: the berrisford agenda
fnl: matt/julie
Dark Angel
147 icons from The Berrisford Agenda
(Mostly Alec, Max, Max/Alec, Alec/Rachel)


Here @ Metalmarks
9th-Oct-2009 05:57 pm - icons: brainiac
btvs: buffy black & white
Dark Angel
78 Icons (2.10: Brainiac)
Mostly Max/Alec.


Here @ metalmarks
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